In early December, we reported the fantabulous news that there was an effort underway to turn Jack Black's Heat Vision and Jack - a 1999 TV pilot involving a talking motorcycle and Evil Ron Silver - into a movie. Back then, all we knew was that the pilot's writers (Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab) were working with Black on "developing a film version" which, in practical terms, means only slightly more than nothing. Happily, though, Schrab - out promoting Monster House - got sidetracked recently and shared some details about what's really happening with the movie.

According to Schrab, he's written two drafts of a script. When he showed his most recent version to Ben Stiller (who directed the pilot), Stiller turned around and told Fox, which owns the pilot, that he would direct the movie, but only if Schrab and Harmon were allowed to write it. So, draft three is now underway, and though both Stiller and Jack Black are fully committed ("Jack said 'Just give me a script and I'll seriously make room for it.'") to the film, its writers are determined to take their time and turn out a solid screenplay, rather than rush it and "just fuck it up and kick out some piece of shit." (Which really, if you think about it, is a pretty solid approach to any job.)

Though Schrab was unwilling to share much in terms of plot, he wanted to assure everyone that they will not give in to convention and spent a lot of time explaining who Jack is and how exactly his motorcycle started to talk. "Who wants to see the first half hour of the movie where Jack's not on that motorcycle? The title sequence is the origin story. When the lights go down and the movie starts, Jack's already on the motorcycle, the motorcycle's talking. Who cares?" Amen, brother. Amen.
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