For the geeks amoung us, here are the lastest images that have made their way onto the Web from upcoming comic book movie properties- presented, as always, in our pleasantly easy-to-read bullet point format, distilled for your enjoyment.

  • V for Vendetta has unloaded what is known, in technical terms, as a "gob" of new photos and storyboards onto the official website. A "gob" in this use means "somewhere around 80ish, but I don't really want to count."
  • A few select images from the upcoming Hellboy animated adventure can be checked out at the production diary. Most notably, you can see a character design for Liz Sherman.
  • Super Hero Hype has six fancy looking production posters for the upcoming X-Men sequel. Each poster features one character from the team, along with the ambiguous instruction to "take a stand."
  • You can get a glimpse at the new Fantastic Four toy line unveiled at New York's Toy Fair here.
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