Teaser posters for two highly anticipated films have now hit the online, although we wouldn't be looking so forward to one of them if the director hadn't just produced one of the best films of his career. Personally, I'm sort of caught in the middle when it comes to Oliver Stone'sWorld Trade Center. After growing up in New York City and watching the effects of 9/11 first hand, part of me hates to see money-hungry Hollywood knocking on the door. However, there are so many unbelievable stories to be told that I just pray it's all done with class.

In saying that, I feel good about the feedback we're getting from off the set of Oliver Stone's new film. AICN recently paid a visit and, while there's a bunch of spoilers that I won't get into, it seems Stone's decision to shoot the pic almost entirely in California (and not New York) was just the first of, what appear to be, solid choices being made. Even though Nicolas Cage can be overly emotional as an actor, this may just turn out to be one of the best roles of his career. Our fingers are crossed.

A hop, skip and a jump across the pond lands us with a teaser poster for Woody Allen's next film, Scoop. Scarlett Johansson comes aboard once again (If Woody Allen were a professional sports team, something tells me Scarlett would now be its captain) and plays a journalism student who gets all caught up in a murder mystery, while having hot, steamy sex (we hope!) with Hugh Jackman. Will the London setting provide the same lucky charm it did with Match Point? Again, our fingers are crossed. Screw it, I like Woody - I'm double crossing mine.

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