If only because we haven't posted a Casino Royale Bond Girl Update lately, I feel it's important to share the latest word from one of the many alleged Vesper Lynds, Thandie Newton. According to Newton, she's totally not doing it. Though this news will greatly sadden those of you who think the Russian looks like a man and for some reason aren't into the fake lesbian, Thandie herself actually rather liked our collective, rumor-mongering attention because it "gave [her] an opportunity to fantasize about something that wasn't ever going to happen." Ah well. Bygones.

Meanwhile, of course, the movie shoots away in Prague, totally chick-free (Judi Dench might be there, but come on - she's a Dame, not a chick). It's getting so late that I'm starting to wonder if they're not just going to go out on the street and cast the first hot Czech number who walks by.
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