John Moore, director of the upcoming horror remake of the 70's classic The Omen, recently discussed the difficulties facing his production crew and the possiblity of a sequel. Moore says that the release date of the film- June 6, 2006 (or 6-6-06) is the gimmick to end all gimmicks- but creates a bit of a problem, as it slams the " traditional 40 weeks' work in about 12." Moore agrees, however, that the marketing gimmick is simply too good to pass up, even if "the shaft is, I mean, we're scoring in six weeks. And we haven't written a note of music." Moore calls the June date ridiculous, but indicates that he is up to the challenge.

As to the possibility of sequels, Moore says that no one has approached him about directing any further installments, and he'd be loathe to see the project in the hands of someone else. He said that the climate of oday would allow for a lot of creativity in sequels, but he doesn't expect it to happen. Directly, Moore said ""I don't know. I hope, God, I hope they don't. I hope they don't. We've had our fun, you know what I mean? We should respect [that]."

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a profound level of hypocrisy in that statement? I mean...the dude is remaking a classic horror flick, and then suggests that he would be offended by somebody else screwing around with HIS work? Something just doesn't jibe about that concept.

[via sci fi wire]

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