Despite the fact that most reviews of its Sundance premiere (our is here) last month were positive, the rights to An Inconvenient Truth failed to sell at the festival. Which, really, is understandable - the idea of advertising a movie about Al Gore giving a global warming lecture is daunting enough to scare off even the most liberal, tree-hugging studio executives. Paramount, however, has decided that the task is worth undertaking, and recently acquired worldwide rights to the film for its (apparently still nameless) specialty division.

The movie, which boasts a surprisingly A-list credits list (including producer Lawrence Bender and producer-director Davis Guggenheim, who works on HBO's extraordinary Deadwood), is expected to be in US theaters in May; there is no word yet of Paramount's distribution plans for the rest of the world. Gore's new book (also, by happy coincidence, called An Inconvenient Truth) will be published this spring as well - it's going to be a global warming media blitz.