Despite announcing in December that Night Watch director Timur Bekmambetov would be directing an adaptation of Mark Millar's Wanted (a series of comics about a man who discovers that his dead father was a super villain), Universal clearly have not yet satisfied their jones to work with the hippest Russian on earth. So, in an effort to spend even more time with Bekmambetov, the studio has acquired the rights to yet another comics series in hopes that their favorite Russian will eventually direct a film version. The series in question is Christian Gossett's The Red Star, "an epic war saga set in a reimagined Soviet Union where militarized sorcery and monolithic technology live side by side," the subject matter of which is probably a little more relevant to Bekmambetov than that of Wanted.

No writer has yet been hired to pen the adaptation and Bekmambetov hasn't officially been signed to even participate in the project, but it sounds like he would be a great fit. The reviews of The Red Star at Amazon emphasize the series' striking visual style (and are so good that I just ordered the damn thing), and whatever else you say about Bekmambetov, it's hard to deny that he's not consumed by how his movies look.
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