I'm always encouraging people to watch Some Like It Hot on Valentine's Day. Not because it's such a sweet romantic comedy, but because the pivotal first-act action occurs on February 14. I certainly don't mean to suggest that anyone would want to celebrate the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, but ... okay, I'll use any holiday and any excuse to convince people to watch a Billy Wilder comedy, especially this one. I probably shouldn't mention the movie I encourage people to watch on Ash Wednesday (hint: Wilder had nothing to do with it).

I thought about the best photo to post from the 1959 film. A humorous photo of Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag would be appropriate, but somehow I thought that this photo of Marilyn Monroe would be so much more ... appreciated. It's from the sequence on the train ("Good night, Sugar." "Good night, honey.") Enjoy your Sugar Kane.
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