Since Hoodwinked's box office returns currently stand at more three times the film's budget, the Weinstein Brothers can't be blamed for wanting to reteam with the film's makers. To that end, they've acquired the rights to a pitch from Cory Edwards and Tony Leech who, along with Edward's brother Todd, wrote and directed Hoodwinked. The new film, another animated feature, is titled Escape From Planet Earth, and sounds completely fantastic: it's a comedy about a prison break staged by the various aliens imprisoned at Area 51. I mean, that's brilliant! Why has no one does this before? Seriously, it seems sort of obvious for an animated movie - what could possibly be more fun for an animator than creating an entire universe of aliens?

Leech will directed this movie all by himself, but the Hoodwinked trio are currently working together on a follow-up to the film for the Weinstein Company, tentatively titled Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil. (Ooooh the clever.)
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