In a shocking turn of events, Walden Media are at work on a project that is neither a multi-book franchise nor a fantasy children's story. In fact, it's about sports - do you think someone read the summary wrong, or something? Carlisle School (listed in the IMDB as a 2005 project, so perhaps it's been on hold for a while) is a story about the football team at Carlisle, a Native American school that a fellow named Jim Thorpe happened to attend. Under the leadership of Pop Warner, Thorpe and his teammates kicked the asses of a lot of powerhouse programs, including those smarties up at Harvard. The movie will be the directorial debut for cinematographer John Schwartzman, who has shot such films as Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, and The Rock. Hopefully this does not mean that he'll bring his pal Michael Bay along to supervise - explosions and Jim Thorpe just don't mix.

Though any movie about Thorpe immediately has a certain appeal, there's got to be a point at which we reach our Average Movies Based On Uplifting True Sports Stories limit. Personally, I got there about four Glory Roads ago.
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