Actually, it's less of an update than an ALL CAPS EXPLOSION OF ENTHUSIASM from Michael Bay, but I suppose it's better than nothing. In a message board post at his own website, Bay again emphasizes how totally stoked he is to be directing Transformers: The Movie, and talks some more about how much time has been spent (He says nine months now, though it was six only a month ago. Time is different when you're as great as Michael Bay.) working on character drawings. A bit of new information, though, is that executive producer Steven Spielberg has been helping out with the script, as have writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, both of whom recently finished work on Mission: Impossible III.

Bay claims that the shoot will start in May, with hopes of a July 4, 2007 release. As a fun added bonus, he yelled "Bring it on, bitch!" at Fox by strongly suggesting that the release date of Fantastic Four 2 will be moved when the Transformers beast officially tries to share its special, patriotic day. Are you just going to take that, Fox? Come on, at least say something nasty about Pearl Harbor.

[via JoBlo]
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