Remember Pluto Nash? Yeah...I know it hurts, but it looks like Eddie Murphy may be going down that road again with the annoucement of his latest project, Starship Dave. The short description of the movie, as provided by Cinescape, goes something like this: "The story centers on a crew of miniature human-looking aliens who are seeking a way to save their doomed world."

Now to be fair, there is not really enough of a plot synopsis there to declare this movie a doomed failure already- for all I know, the sucker could be the next big thing- but you've got to admit that it sounds like another risky career move for the ever indiscriminant Eddie Murphy. For his sake, I hope it does well, even if I'll never forgive him for what he did to Rex Harrison's wonderful Doctor Dolittle. I mean, I genuinely like the man when he is on top of his game- but it seems like he is exceptionally hit-or-fall off the cliff with his films.

[via cinescape]

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