Giggling like a group of naughty schoolboys, the House Republicans recently put together a Star Warsspoof which mocked their Democrat opponents under the leadership of "Darth Nancy" - that would be  Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, for those of you who don't keep track of such things. The film apparently depicted the Republicans as the rebel good-guys, being pursued by the evil imperial Democrats. This is an odd choice of analogies, if you think about it, seeing as how the Republicans are currently the ones in control of everything - but let's not dwell on that, as the story gets better from here.

In response to the apparently amusing little film, wise political sage George Lucas made himself available for a Valentine's Day appearance alongside Darth Nancy herself, which her people claim "proves that The Force is with House Democrats this year." Lucas has long been an established Democrat, and is apparently on record as criticizing Republican leadership all the way back to Richard Nixon. Lucas and Pelosi go "way back," as large parts of George's company are based in her district.

I'm not sure which is more amusing - the terribly drawn parallel between the current Republican administration and the Rebel Alliance, or the concept that George Lucas somehow carries some sort of political savvy or relevance. I mean, I know celebrity endorsements are all the rage- but this is being spun as if somehow Mr. Lucas' participation lends ideological credence to a political party. Ah, politics, you amuse me so.

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