Nowhere near as cool as installment #1 (Guardian Angel Herzog) but infinitely more frightening is the news that Paris Hilton is being considered to play Mother Theresa in an Indian film. Not only that, but, as opposed to 95% of rumors involving the lovely Paris, this one seems to be true. The movie has a budget over $10 million as well as part of a cast, and director T. Rajeevnath told press outlets that his representatives have actually contacted Hilton about the role.

Now, there are a couple of specifics about this situation that render it, if possible, even more disturbing than it initially appears. First of all, the film is about Mother Theresa. That means that Mr. Rajeevnath actually wants Paris Hilton to be his star. (This, in turn, suggests that he might have to ask her to act. Dear, dear me.) Second, the director insists that his Theresa will not be selected without "[thoroughly analyzing]...the history of the actress who is finally chosen for the role." Meaning, of course, that Paris - who first came to mind for the gig when Rajeevnath heard that she had refused to pose naked for playboy - will be morally examined before she is cast. Crap. Quick - hide the sex tape! And all the sleazy pictures! And the skeevy boyfriends! And the...oh, never mind. She didn't really want the part anyway.
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