Someone at Mandalay Entertainment must have really, really liked Wild Things. They've signed a deal with that film's director John McNaughton to helm Backstabbers, the screenplay for which was written by McNuaghton's old associate - and Wild Things writer - Stephen Peters. The screenplay, which used to be called Trophy Wife (when it had a different director and a different plot), is "a sexy caper about a rich New York man who masterminds his wife's kidnapping unaware that his mistress and bodyguard are going to double-cross him." Hmm. Who could we get to star in that? Oh, I know! How about those chicks from Wild Things? They're not too busy, are they? Though nothing is official yet, Mandalay is, in fact, in talks with Denise Richards and Neve Campbell to star in the film. But it's not a sequel. Really. Not that anyone who goes expecting one will really care, as long as the ladies kiss again.
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