Bryan Singer, Director of Steel, has recently indicated that he'd really like to get into more producing someday. Specifically, the man wants to produce horror films, like fellow directors Robert Zemeckis and Sam Raimi, who each own stakes in their own horror production companies (Dark Castle and Ghost House, respectively). When asked if he wanted to go down a similar path as these two men, Singer answered "Something like that." He does already have some notable production experience- he's worked production on films that he directs, as well as on television programming, such as Fox's House and the Sci-Fi Channel's The Triangle film. Singer also notes that he's not just interested in movie and television production, he's also into the video game idea.

Regular readers know that I'm not much of a horror buff, but I'm all for Singer trying it, if that's what he wants to do. I know the genre is awash with generic, less-than-stellar films these days, although it has produced a few gems as well- perhaps there is room for Singer produced films, if the man can find projects that will seperate themselves from the mediocre. Thoughts, horror fans?

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