Here are today's latest comic book rumors, courtesy of the ever-talented folks over at Comic Book Resources. Today's subjects are on familiar themes - casting rumors and property liscensing!  We've also got a quick word from Frank Miller on his new script. Awesome.

  • Joss Whedon refuses to name names for Wonder Woman, despite drawing very near to finishing his script. He does, however, admit to creating his own villain for the flick, as Wonder Woman's rogue gallery is lacking, according to the writer.
  • According to IESB, Terence Howard still claims that he is in talks to portray Luke Cage antagonist Willis Stryker.
  • Denise Quiñones has been cast as "Rachel" in the upcoming AquamanTV film/series. Rachel is a friend/possible love interest of the title character.
  • Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to Christian Gossett's award-winning comic book The Red Star. They are apparently eyeing Night Watch director Timur Bekmambetov for involvement.  Read Martha's coverage of that story here.
  • Frank Miller says that his new Sin Citystory involving a post-Hartigan Nancy Callahan "should surprise you." No shocker there - I'd be disappointed if it didn't.  

[via CBR]

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