During an appearance at San Francisco's WonderCon, Wes Craven announced a new project on his horizon- and it's not a film. Instead, the famed director is putting ink to paper in an attempt to pen a Las Vegas stage show, currently titled Wes Craven's Magick Macabre. As the title indicates, Wes plans to mix magic with horror, describing his stage production as "a bloody magic show for an 1,800-seat theater in Las Vegas." Apparently, Riverdance producer John McColgan bought the rights to a similar Dublin stage show, and subsequently hired Craven to write the script. The show will be aided by production designer Mark Fisher of Cirque du Soleil fame and David Mendoza, who designed the illusions for Siegfried and Roy. These gentlemen all got together for a brainstorming session, and the result was "really terrific, scary, bloody, crazy ideas that we're going to do for a big show to play in Vegas to scare the pants off of everybody."

Horror fans, is this awesome? It sounds like an interesting and clever concept, but my knowledge of what passes for awesome in the horror genre is limited, so I don't think my personal opinion carries much weight here. The project certainly has some big name talent attached to it, at any rate.

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