Under the terms of a new agreement with Universal, Darren Aronofsky and Eric Watson (his partner in Protozoa Pictures) will "develop and produce" projects for Universal and its sister companies, Rogue Pictures and Focus Features. Interestingly, based on a quick look at the IMDB, the pair have never worked with Universal before, but the studio's production head claims that they have "wanted to be in business with these guys for a long time," and are predictably thrilled about the agreement.

The amount of money involved here must just be epic, but maybe Aronofsky is worth it. Though I personally have never been able to completely forgive the man for that horrible noise in Pi, he's undeniably a source of great creativity and individuality in what today is often a depressingly bland industry. And, with five movie projects currently in various stages of development, as well as an HBO pilot in the works, he shows no signs of slowing down - by this time next year, Universal will probably be buried under a mountain of Aronofsky ideas.
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