It's been quietly expected since long before The Lion hit the screen - and it become official after opening weekend - that the Narnia film series would not stop at one. Book two in the series (by original publishing/numbering standards) will become movie two in the series; and recently Dean Wright, the Oscar-nominated visual-effects supervisor for the first flick, talked to Sci Fi Wire about their plans for Prince Caspian. According to Dean, although the script isn't written yet, it is very likely that pre-visualization for some of the scenes will begin in the next two months, based on the action of the novel itself. From there, it'll be straight into pre-production, at which point "we'll be going like gangbusters."

Wright discusses some of the more challenging elements of the visual effects work, primarily the creation of Alsan himself. He indicates that amoung the greatest challenges facing his crew will be dousing Aslan in water- which they avoided in the first film, but will find increasingly more difficult to avoid in the future (especially with Voyage of the Dawn Treader looming on the horizon. Read the rest of Wright's comments here.

Every kid has his favorite books. We grow up with them, we cherish them. At the very top of my long list of favorites sits the Narnia series (wrestling with Ender's Game* and a few others). I'm competely thrilled and fanboy excited about the film series- particularly Caspian, as it is among my favorites in the Chronicles. How about you? What novels do you hold dear, and would you like to see them get the silver screen treatment?

*While I love Ender, I hope to never, ever see him on the silver screen.

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