All because they want to give some money to Music Matters, a non-profit group that supports music education for kids, Rhino Records is letting Ewan McGregordo horrible vocal things to cover Sade. Wow is that scary to type. McGregor's version of The Sweetest Gift is just one track on an album of "night-themed songs and lullabies" called Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars, which Rhino will unleash on April 11.

A saving grace of the situation is that several of the stars - including Jeremy Irons, who will be singing Bob Dylan, and John C. Reilly, singing something called Lullaby in Ragtime - have legitimate musical backgrounds, and the rest of them were forced to work with a vocal coach before stepping into the recording booth. But, really. Can't Rhino just give Music Matters someone money without subjecting us to Teri Hatcher singing The Beatles? Is that too much to ask?
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