Karina reported last March that Ben Affleck had inked a deal to direct Gone, Baby, Gone for Paramount. The project is an adaptation (which Affleck himself penned - hey, he's an Oscar-winning writer, haters) of Boston writer Dennis Lehane's novel about a missing child and the private detectives who try to track her down. Lehane also wrote Mystic River, and Gone, Baby, Gone is described as just as complex and disturbing as that novel. However, it's the fourth installment in a series about the two detectives - God only knows why Paramount and Affleck thought it would be a good idea to make it into a standalone movie.

Anyway, it's taken a while, but the movie has finally been cast. According to the Boston Herald, Affleck searched the world for the best man to play the male lead (Patrick Kenzie) and finally found him: Casey Affleck. Brilliant, Ben! Good work. Because your little brother really proved himself as an actor with his token appearances in the Ocean's movies. Kenzie's partner, Angie Gennaro, will reportedly be played by Michelle Monaghan, best known, probably, for a recurring role on Boston Public. She's no superstar, either, but for the love of God, at least she's not related to the damn director!

Shooting on Affleck's effort to revive his career starts in Boston in May. Maybe his mom can be in it, too - that should help.
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