For reasons that have not been even slightly explained, Mike Figgis made an eight minute film shilling for lingerie house Agent Provocateur. The bad news is that he's a total sellout. The good news - depending on what interests you - is that he's sold out to make lesbian porn. Seriously. Titled Tied Up at the Office, it's shot in grain black and white and features some women, lacy underwear, lots of touching, some panting, and a touch of bondage at work.

While I'm afraid I'm a little light on details (I couldn't tell any of the women apart - there were either like six or only two of them. And there either was a Mannequin-style transformation thing going on, or there wasn't. What do you want from me? It's poorly lit, ok?), the thing really is pretty sexy, in a voyeuristic sort of way. I don't, however, feel a greater need to buy trashy fancy lingerie than I did before watching it, so I'm not sure it actually worked as an advertisement for the company. But at least I've heard of them now, so that's something. Good work, Mike.

So in case you somehow missed it, the "Read" link below is NSFW.

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