If it were up to Frank Marshall, Jason Bourne would never learn who he really is. According to the producer, when it's all said and done, we may be in store for a total of five Bourne-related films...although it appears Matt Damon has everything to do with that decision.

Speaking with MTV, Marshall admitted, "it's kinda up to Matt Damon." On how far the franchise could go, he says, "Maybe to five [films]...At some point, he's gotta find out who he is." Says who? The way I see it, Jason Bourne could be the next James Bond.

Currently, The Bourne Ultimatum is preparing to begin production later this summer with a tentative release one year later in 2007. After that, Marshall said that writers will be brought on to come up with storylines that will continue the series. I'm curious to see, once we're away from the books, whether or not this franchise will self-destruct. What do you think?

[via Coming Soon]

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