In a very recent interview with CBR, Natalie Portman discussed her thoughts on her most recent project, V for Vendetta. It runs an interesting course, covering topics as simple as her haircut (Natalie adopted a bald look for the role) to topics as involved as her views on war and violence, and how they were affected by the film. Natalie pulls off the interview with her usual style - offering amusing and occasionally insightful anecdotes at some moments and sounding completely vapid at others. Most interesting to me, as a card-carrying member of the geek culture, was Natalie's take on the Alan Moore fiasco.

Alan is a polarizing figure in the community, drawing sympathy from some for the wanton ruination of his works, while drawing scorn from others for his churlish behavior and poor decision making. He has, of course, stated that he wants nothing to do with this film, and would stop it if it were in his power to do so. When asked about it, Natalie expressed the entire crew's sincere love of the graphic novel ("all of us making this are obviously huge fans") and said that she finds inspiration from her character in the novel, so naturally she's disappointed in Alan's vehemence towards the project. She goes on to admit that she has read no other such works, and says "I didn't really know much about that whole world until this film. I never thought that they actually had…real stories."

The rest of the interview has some interesting questions, about acting opposite a mask, working in genre films, and even a question about The Professional 2 (sadly, it is still a no go). You can dig the whole discussion here, at CBR.

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