Despite the fact that, in Singapore, gay sex is defined as "gross indecency" and is punishable by a two year prison sentence, the country's censors are totally cool with Brokeback Mountain being shown in movie theaters there (as long as audiences are over 21). The optimistic among us will probably choose to see this as a good sign: Singapore must be starting to loosen its cultural restrictions, right? Soon, not only will its citizens be free to choose what they want to see, but the country will also become a film market on par with its southeast Asian neighbors. Woo hoo, Singapore!

Not so fast there, sparky. The censors' stated reason for allowing the film through is that it doesn't "promote or glamorize the [gay] lifestyle," so the reality of the situation seems to be that it's only because being gay in Brokeback Mountain completely sucks that it's welcome on Singapore's screens. I'd wager that if Jack and Ennis had lived happily ever after on that damn ranch Jack wouldn't shut up about, the censors would have come to quite a different conclusion.
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