Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia is in the process of putting together an English-language project (his second) to begin shooting in 2007. Titled Think of Disney, the movie will tell the story of a man who "goes insane because he discovers the true essence of the world around him and lives in a hell of his own creation." Well, that sounds hideously depressing. The only "salvation" the man can find in the midst of his horrible life is the relief he gets from thinking about cartoon characters, hence the film's title. And, suddenly, it goes from suicide-inducing to sounding maybe rather sweet, if disconcertingly Cool World-like.

Not surprisingly, the film - a dark comedy, apparently - is expected to be "very visual" and, in the director's own words, is super-ambitious, with a budget over $15 million. I wonder how the Disney folks will feel about the title - since Warner's was able to force a name change for the George Reeves movie, I'm assuming Disney will have some say in the matter.
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