A few months ago, I reported the very alarming news that someone decided to pay John Travolta and Tim Allen to appear together in Wild Hogs, a comedy about suburban, middle-aged men who buy motorcycles and hit the road because the think it'll make them macho and happy. Or something. And now, an idea that already seemed to be pretty much the bottom of the barrel has gotten even worse: Martin Lawrence will be joining them. I can't decide if I want him to bring the fat suit or leave it behind - the whole thing is just so depressing that it's hard to decide which would be more egregious.

As I said last time I discussed this movie, my problem is much less with the throwaway plot than the fates of its stars. People, Tim Allen is an talented, intelligent comic actor - remember? And John Travolta? Annoying, but better than this. Martin Lawrence? God only freaking knows what to make of that guy, really.

All my whining aside, however, I realize they all signed on the dotted line for this one - they must all be building homes, or something. They'll start earning the cash this May, when production begins in New Mexico.
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