Man, Walden Media is going sports crazy! Yesterday it was football and Jim Thorpe, and now it's a fictional baseball story. Heat is a not-yet-published children's novel by sports journalist Mike Lupica about a pair of baseball-obsessed, Cuban-immigrant brothers (Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, unfortunately, are not involved). Living in "the shadows of Yankee stadium," the younger brother "dreams of playing in the Little League World Series until a rival accuses him being older than the league limit." Gee, that sounds familiar.

Though the real-life story ended sort of badly, one assumes that the fictional one is slightly more uplifting, particularly because it's both aimed at kids and has been optioned by a studio that makes family films. If it's not, however, I'm sure Walden will be able to convince screenwriter Robert Moresco to change the ending - that's why they call it a Hollywood ending, kids. (Though we are talking here about the guy who co-wrote Crash. Jeez, I hope Walden checked his resume - otherwise, they might be a little shocked by the scope of the hardship over which their hero has to triumph.)
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