Maybe I'm not as hip to the scene, but apparently Oscar song parodies have been all the rage for the past several years. Ever since producer Jack Lechner started an annual list along with his wife, Sam Maeser, folks all over seem to look forward to the way in which they take a popular song and change its lyrics to reflect some of the year's best films. However, according to the pair, this 10th edition may be their last - they're running out of songs.

A few of this year's parodies have popped up online, including Crash and March of the Penguins, though the favorite so far appears to be the one for The Squid and the Whale. Based off the popular Turtles song, this one is called Crappy Together and, instead of the original lovey-dovey lyrics, they're altered to fit the central theme of the nominated film. Here's an example...

[ Editor's note: the lyric excerpts have been removed at the request of Jack Lechner ]

You can view the rest of the song here. Lechner also creates parodies for The Independent Spirit Awards and you can catch some of them when the show airs this March 4th on Bravo and IFC. Feel free to come up with your own and leave them in the comments....I know you're just dying to tackle Brokeback Mountain.

Updated 2/17/06 by Kim Voynar