Comic book guru Frank Miller, who was the brain behind the stunningly edgy Sin City graphic novels which eventually became a popular movie with several sequels in the works, is back at the writing table. This time, Frank will be working on a series of comics for another recently popular film title: Batman. Frank has, of course, done some phenomenal work with The Dark Knight already, and is a veteran in all things comic-booky. This time under the pen of Miller, Batman will be fighting a "revamped" version of the Creator-Destroyer Jeremy Dorfman, who has been updated from his old impish rouge style into more of a master manipulator. Dorfman is now working with Islamic terrorists who plan a hit on Batman's home town of Gotham. According to Frank Miller "It is, not to put too fine a point on it, a piece of propaganda: Batman kicks al-Quaeda's ass." He emphasized his point by saying "It just seems silly to chase around the Riddler when you've got al-Qaeda out there."

Frank Miller is a genius, and I'm sure I'll enjoy this new work of his, which is apparently going to be titled "Holy Terror, Batman!" However, I'm personally getting a bit tired of the Islamic terrorist deal. Yes, I realize that it is relevant and whatnot because of current events, but you know...I like my comic books to be escapism. Granted, they still are escapism because in the real world Batman doesn't exist - but you know what I mean. Bottom line? It's Frank Miller, so I'm sure it'll be well worth the read.