Remember when Hansel intoned that sage bit of wisdom "Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he's a cool dude"? That's about to become some very risky advice, as Billy recently teamed up with fellow actor Gary Busey in a highly controversial Turkish movie called Valley of the Wolves: Iraq. The sucker is solid gold over there, and may be slated for an American release. Let me share with you the basics of the story:

Billy Zane is a zealous Christian Army Commander named Sam William Marshall, who believes he is serving the Almighty by ridding the world of Muslims. Together with a Jewish doctor friend (played by Gary B.) Sam Marshall captures Muslim children and harvests their organs to package and send back to America for use by good little Jewish boys and girls. The film will also incorporate dramatic re-enactments of real events, thus lending a higher level of believability and credibility to the project.

Okay, so there was this Muslim propaganda sitcom not so long ago called Zara's Blue Eyes. I watched it in a Middle Eastern politics course that I took in college. I swear to you, this new blockbuster is the exact plot of Zara, and is, in fact, a popular belief within large sections of the Islamic world. Draw from that whatever conclusions you will - I'm not here to make political statements...but you can bet your best suit that it'll be an incredible political argument if this sucker hits the states. Talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck are already on the story. Can't you just hear the free speech vs. treasonous propaganda arguments already?

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