If we learned anything from this entire rumor, it would be to never trust Michael Keaton. Not long ago, we reported on a story about a guy who approached Michael Keaton during dinner for an autograph and walked away from the conversation with some pretty interesting information. At the time, according to Keaton, Tim Burton was working on a script for Beetlejuice 2 and that, as soon as everyone was free, the project would move forward.

Well, turns out we were all Punk'd. IESB recently interviewed Burton and asked him whether or not there was any real truth behind a sequel to Beetlejuice. After laughing the question off, he politely responded that he was not working on a script, but figured someone out there was. In fact, he was convinced he had an evil twin confirming projects that never existed. Ahem...that would be us. Okay, so if there's no Beetlejuice sequel, perhaps he'll revisit another one of his classic films?

Um, no. When asked if he would ever consider a sequel to films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and/or Edward Scissorhands, Burton axed those rumors real fast claiming they were more personal and wanted to keep them as pure as possible. However, he did mention how fond he was of Edgar Allan Poe and left open the door to a Poe project in the near future. Currently, Burton is working on Believe It or Not, to which there is still no star attached. The director claims it is way too early for any casting decisions, though I'd suspect either Johnny Depp or Jim Carrey will nab the part.

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