Remember all the buzz that inexplicably grew up around Ed Burns after the vaguely offensive The Brothers McMullen came out? Though he's kept acting, writing, and directing, none of his subsequent work has lived up to the hype, and as a result he's faded from the public's radar. Well, friends, our peace is at an end: Burns is back with a vengeance.

Apparently having going through the same "I'm a man, dammit!" transition that turned Larry Fishburne into Laurence, Burns is now Edward, thank you very much. And Edward has got a whole boatload of movies for us, starting with Purple Violets, which he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in with Selma Blair, Dennis Farina, and Debra Messing. Having just finished that project, Burns will head to the Hamptons with everyone else this summer, but he's going not (just) to party and be posh, but also to shoot Five-Fourths, which he wrote and will direct. When that's over, because he's apparently used all of his free time over the past few years to write and is drowning in screenplays, he'll start work on "the first leg of a trilogy, a multigenerational drama about a New York family of cops." Oh, and he's also just agreed to appear with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in Nancy Meyers' The Holiday, which is currently shooting in England.

Whew. Breath, Ed Edward. Breathe.
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