Say what you will about Halle Berry, but the woman can laugh at herself like almost no one else in Hollywood. Less than a year after actually SHOWING UP TO ACCEPT A RAZZIE for Catwoman (if I hadn't already given her a lifetime pass because of Bulworth, she would have earned one from me right there), Berry yesterday picked up her coveted Pudding Pot as Harvard's Hasty Pudding woman of the year. The notoriously insane awards ceremony traditionally asks its victims honorees to humiliate themselves in various delightful ways, and Berry's day was no exception. Among other things, she "danced suggestively with a Harvard student dressed like a French poodle," "shook her hips in a comic faux dance competition to prove her superpower skills," and, most importantly, repeatedly wrote "I will not make Catwoman II" on a chalkboard. Thank you, Hasty Pudding Theatricals, for saving us from that small horror. And, just in case she tries to deny that it ever happened, there's copious photographic evidence of the entire evening.

Richard Gere will be on hand to accept his Man of the Year award next week - if he dances with a man dressed as a gerbil, I may just set up a shrine.