Brett Ratner has come out verbally swinging against early criticisms of the character design in the final installment of theX-Men trilogy. Ratner took a shot at any and all sources releasing photos and such that were not coming directly from his studio. And his argument on that front makes sense, to some degree - a nicely touched up and finalized image such as what we'll get for a film is certainly going to look more impressive than a badly angled shot in poor lighting done by some guy on the sidewalk. The question really at heart here is what fans are taking issue with - is it shoddy costume work, or is it the entire character design?Because a good idea done poorly can be fixed up and made awesome, but no matter how much work you do on a bad idea, you're still stuck with a bad idea.

And oddly, at the end of his comments, Ratner admits that he's not the best man for the job when it comes to continuing the Marvelverse in X-Spinoffs. Ratner said "I love [the X-Men] world, and I'm sure Bryan Singer would love to do it too, and he's actually better at it than I am." Now don't get me wrong - I'm not disagreeing with the man. I just find it interesting that he's knocking his own talent before his installment in the franchise is released.
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