3/5 of a Man is an Off Broadway play written by Michael Henry Brown that soon, thanks to Marsellus Wallace, will be a movie. The play is about Nat Turner and the failed slave rebellion he led in Virginia in 1831, and its adaptation will be produced with a small budget by Ving Rhames' Freedom Reign Productions as part of his new effort to "make films about the black experience."

Set to play Turner is Freedomland's Anthony Mackie, and Rhames will reprise his stage role by appearing as Hark, Turner's best friend. For a low budget project, the movie has a surprisingly recognizable cast, particularly Dana Delany and Peter Dinklage (both of whom, given the film's story, could be playing Dead Whitey). Directing from Brown's script will be Akosua Busia, who, while she has extensive acting experience and had also done a little writing (Beloved), will be behind the camera for the first time.

Rhames has already lined up the next movie for Freedom Reign, and it offers just a slightly different take on the black experience than 3/5 of a Man. Entitled King of the Avenue, the film is a horror/drama flick in which Rhames will play the devil. There's also a drug dealer who sells his soul, and a positive message: "that there is no right reason to do wrong. " Oh hell yes - sign me up.
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