Unless you're talking to Sylvester Stallone, it's going to be very hard to find anyone who will deny that the Rocky franchise has gone rather precipitously downhill since its Oscar-winning origins. The depressing existence of a sixth installment, however, is made much easier to bear by the sudden arrival of a whole slew of Rocky action figures, covering all five films of the series.

Ok, it's maybe a little late for this sort of thing, but shut up for a second and check them out: if only because they recall the glorious times when Rocky was young, and his opponents weren't boring old real-life boxers, these things are fantastic. (And yes, the fact that the pieces are displayed on stands made of old electrical boxes adds considerably to their charm.) I mean, look at Hulk Hogan - as if Mason "The Line" Dixon would ever enter the ring wearing anything that silly. Please. Plus, there are a wholelot of Rockys and the best accessory of all time: small, plastic sides of beef.

[via PopWatch]
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