At a basketball game earlier this week, the student cheering section of Gonzaga University (home of the homliest superstar on earth) was heard on national television chanting "BROKE-BACK MOUN-TAIN!" at an opposing player. Wisely concluding that the students weren't simply stating their Oscar preferences, news outlets delicately reported that the chant was "apparently intended to suggest an opposing player is gay." Gee, ya think? The recent revelation that there's a story behind it doesn't make the (reasonably creative) chant any less offensive and, since administrators - not to mention fellow students - tend to frown on fans yelling even synonyms for "HE'S A HO-MO," they've sent out an email suggesting that said chant quietly disappear. The problem, however, is that it seems to be spreading: fans of teams playing West Virgina have already started busting out their clever "Brokeback Mountaineers" signs.

Why can't kids these days come up with more positive movie-inspired chants? Do you think yelling, say, "HAR-RY POT-TER" at the Washington Wizards would ever take off?
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