In the late 1970s, Errol Morris heard a bizarre story about a community in Florida that was home to so many people who had mutilated themselves for insurance money that it was known as "Nub City." Being Errol Morris, he eventually went to the town with his camera, prepared to make a movie about the community and the people there. Things didn't work out quite as he planned, however, because the people didn't take kindly to being film. According to Morris, his life was threated convincingly enough that he was forced to flee. That movie never happened, but things worked out alright for the director, because it was after being expelled from Nub City that he stumbled upon a little town called Vernon, Florida.

Now, though, Morris will have his revenge (sort of). According to a blurb in the Boston Globe, he's finally making Nub City - but through a fictional lens. The new version of the story will be a horror film, "based on the bizarre true story of several Floridians who turned up missing arms and legs after taking out insurance policies on themselves." Hopefully the people he pissed off 30 years ago are either dead, or won't mind being depicted fictionally. But hey, the dude's an Oscar winner - he's a lot harder to quietly whack now than when he was just a punk with a camera.

[via Movie City Indie]
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