Filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake has started Indie Features 06, a group blog for indie filmmakers with feature films in (or soon to be in) distribution. The set-up is kind of loosely based on the indieWIRE blogs and GreenCine Daily, two of our fave film sites. The idea is that the participating filmmakers can either write posts to Indie Features 06, or point to posts in their own blogs. They'll be talking about film related stuff, the fun of getting distribution, submitting to festivals - all the gut-wrenching work of indie filmmaking that you have to deal with after you've done the fun, creative part of making your film.

The blog is spandy-new but looks like it has the possibility to be a interesting read. Angry Filmmaker Kelley Baker has a great journal going about how he's touring Europe, showing his films and teaching. Another blogger has kinda sorta found an agent, and is agonizing over festival rejections. And Magicfying films, which has a film showing in NY right now called September 12 (I bet you can guess what it's about, but it may not be quite what you think). Film Threat liked it, so maybe we'll have to see about getting little paws on a screener and checking it out ourselves.

[ via Filmmaker Magazine Blog, who found out about it over at Green Cine Daily ]

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