Triple Oscar nominee George Clooney isn't apologizing for making a joke about lobbyist Jack Abramoff during his Golden Globe's acceptance speech.  According to a story in USA today, Abramoff's father wasn't happy about it and wrote an angry letter to The Desert Sun newspaper attacking Clooney for the off-color reference about his son, saying that Clooney's remark made his granddaughter cry. Clooney is unrepentant, however, saying on The Larry King Show that Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to numerous fraud and bribery for providing "lavish trips, golf outings, meals", and more to politicians in exchange for political favors, is the one who has disgraced the Abramoff name. 

Clooney is nominated for Academy Awards for supporting actor for Syriana and for screenwriting and directing for Good Night, and Good Luck.