About a  month ago, we reported that There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson's long-simmering, loose adaptation of Upton Sinclair's Oil! had finally secured both financing and a star (Daniel Day-Lewis). Anderson's screenplay for the film apparently celebrated the news by making a run for it, only to be captured by El Chavo, one of Latino Review's myriad of informers - and he's very happy indeed to have made the screenplay's acquaintance.

According to Mr. Chavo, this screenplay is the greatest thing since sliced bread, possibly even surpassing it. It's like nothing he's ever read before, a sure-fire best screenplay winner, and "so simple that to explain it is to be lost in its complexities." Yikes. That sort of overblown rhetoric actually really worries me, but the man is awfully excited, so maybe we should cut him a break. Disappointingly, there's not a lot of detail about the screenplay mixed in with the raving, but we do get about a paragraph of summary. Essentially, the story boils down to a confrontation between Daniel (Day-Lewis, conveniently), an oil prospector, and Eli Sunday, a young evangelical preacher. According to El Chavo, "The truths of this story...revolve around man's eventual need to address the widening gap between reality and superstition."

While that sounds thoughtful and potentially fascinating, it also doesn't sound like something that Hollywood likes (unless, that is, it's accompanied by Al Pacino over-acting and someone playing the devil). However, PTA supposedly already has $25 million to make the film, and production is slated to begin this spring, so maybe it doesn't matter how anti-megaplex his screenplay is.

[via JoBlo]
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