This, my friends, is more like it. Finally, we have a proper trailer for Richard Linklater's fanboy dream,  A Scanner Darkly. After forcing us to survive for months on an interesting-looking but totally uninformative teaser, Warner Independent Pictures has unleashed something with a little meat on its bones (presumably this is the trailer that the Amp'd Mobile kids got last week).

Confession time: I have major, major issues with Linklater and find it almost impossible to take Keanu Reeves or Winona Ryder seriously. And yet, I dig this trailer - that must mean it's good, right? The look is still fascinating, and for someone who hasn't read the source novel, the story is as well. The best thing about the trailer, though, is Robert Downey Jr. It's interesting how the visual style forces you to focus more on how familiar the voices of these people are - there's a wonderful, weird gravity to Downey's that somehow gives everything he says a lot more layers that it might actually deserve. And, though Reeves' delivery on his "The two hemisphere's of my brain...are competing?" line is a little too "I know kung-fu" for my tastes, even that doesn't destroy the surreal atmosphere that the trailer manages to conjure up.

Only, what, five more months until it comes out?

[via Filmmaker Magazine]
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