Despite all the buzz surrounding The Road to Guantánamo and Robert Altman's charming A Prairie Home Companion, the Golden Bear award - given to the best film at the Berlin Film Festival - went to Grbavica, a film from Bosnia. The first feature from documentarian and short film maker Jasmila Zbanic, Grbavica is about "Bosnia's post-war trauma and the lingering impact of the systematic rape of women by Serb soldiers during the 1992-95 conflict." Profoundly troubling though it undoubtedly is, the film was very well-received when it screened at the festival early this week. Unfortunately, no American distributor has yet been brave enough to acquire its rights, so this might be another one for the region-free DVD players.

Other major awards went to Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross for their direction of The Road to Guantánamo, and German pair Sandra Hüller (Requiem) and Moritz Bleibtreu (The Elementary Particles), who were named best actress and best actor, respectively. Additionally, the jury gave out Silver Bears (essentially best picture runners-up awards) to Offside, an Iranian film about women and soccer, and Danish/Swedish production A Soap, which examines "a budding romance between an emotionally confused woman and her troubled, pre-op transsexual neighbor."