Polish legend Andrzej Wajda, who recently received a lifetime achievement award at Berlin, has announced that his next film project will address a very personal issue, a Soviet massacre of 15,000 Polish soldiers (including Wajda's father) in 1940. Wajda who was a member of the Polish resistance during World War II, and made his name with wartime films like Kanal and Ashes and Diamonds. Told from an autobiographical perspective, the film has a very clear, personal point of view - according to Wajda, "I don't want to show two sides of it. The film is set in my home town, waiting for my father and realizing he will never come back. We don't know if he's dead or alive. These are the emotions, the psychological pressures we had to live through." The movie (tentatively titled Post Morten) is currently in production, and Wajda hopes to have it finished by the end of the year.

The massacre in the Katyn forest remains a bone of contention between Russia and Poland, and both countries are still conducting their own investigations into the events. Though Russian officials still deny that the killings were genocide, Mikhail Gorbachev finally admitted in 1990 that Soviet Intelligence was responsible, overturning years of propaganda that had blamed Germany for the massacre.
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