Film, stage, and TV actor Richard Bright died Saturday night after being fatally struck by a bus while crossing a street near his Manhattan home. The charactor actor was 68 years old. Bright was one of the few actors to appear in all three Godfather movies, playing Corleone family hit man Al Neri. In The Godfather, he's wearing a police uniform during the baptism scene. In The Godfather Part II, he's the one who goes fishing with Fredo and ... you know. Perhaps because of this well-known role, Bright seems to have specialized in playing cold-hearted criminals and law-enforcement officers.

Bright's film career started in the late 1960s; he took smaller parts in a few Sam Peckinpah movies, including The Getaway (as the train-station thief) and Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. The above photo is from the 1987 film Time Out, but he also portrayed a cop in an early Sam Raimi movie, Crimewave. Most recently, Bright played in TV shows such as Oz, The Sopranos, and various flavors of Law and Order. No matter what his age, he was able to convince audiences he was a pretty scary guy.
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