A little blurb has appeared in the British press trumpeting coke fiend Kate Moss' Hollywood debut - and as a lesbian, no less! According to the report, Moss' appearance will take place in Ang Lee's biopic of Dusty Springfield, in which she'll play one of the singer's (to be played by Charlize Theron) lovers. Ok, got it. Wait - what?! Since when has Ang Lee been making a movie about Dusty Springfield? The last we heard about a Springfield movie was last spring, when Kristin Chenoweth was said to be playing her under the direction of Jessica Sharzer. But since that movie was supposed to end with the recording of Dusty in Memphis and the Lee one is expected to cover Springfield's entire life, they appear to be two entirely different things.

The lack of any other mention of this project anywhere online (that I can find, anyway) leaves me assuming that Kate Moss' handlers have completely made it up in an effort to get her some non-crappy press. At the same time, though, the rumor is so bizarrely specific that it's hard to dismiss it entirely. Anyone have Ang's number?

Oh, and don't forget - Kate Moss! Lesbian!
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