Great news everyone - for once, a crappy movie that was kept from critics didn't open at the top of the weekend box office! Instead, Eight Below, the tale of the doggies who survive despite the cruel neglect of Paul Walker and his friends, took the top spot by earning just over $25 million over the long weekend, beating out the review-less Date Movie, by nearly $3 million. The next four spot were held down by last week's debuts, with The Pink Panther, which made $21 million and was down only 15% from last week's returns, showing particularly impressive staying power.

Other notable results were Freedomland, which ended up seventh with a very weak debut - though it was shown on only 500 fewer screens than Date Movie, it took in less than a third of what that film did. Oscar favorites Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line continue to lurk around the top 10, coming in eleventh and twelfth respectively. Finally, surprise hit Hoodwinked fell out of the top tier after more than two months in release. The full listing is after the jump.