You think you're feeling tired and overworked? Jon Stewart is so busy right now between running The Daily Show and prepping for his first turn as the host of the Oscars, he's putting his deoderant in his two-week old daughter's crib so she can have his smell near her in his absence. Okay, that's a joke - maybe. But what's not a joke is that the pressure is on Stewart to really turn it on at the Oscars, in front of a live audience packed with Hollywood bigwigs and a home audience of about 40 million of his closest friends, er, fans. An Associated Press article notes that by becoming the host of the Oscars, Stewart joins an elite list including Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Bob Hope and Johnny Carson; Chris Rock, last year's host, wasn't mentioned on the "elite" list. So who else is in the ranks of the elite - those fortunate enough to have hosted Hollywood's Spectacular Salute to Solipsism? Cinematical shares with you some of the more interesting and notable Hosts of Oscar Past.

[Special thanks to E! Online's 75 Days of Oscar,,  and Wikipedia ]